Cesar Quezada


Cesar Quezada is a DACAMented Higher Educational Professional with experiences in Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion offices, Multicultural Affairs, and development of mentoring programs.His platform as a young professional gives him the advantage to incorporate both the student perspectives and needs into this overall work which it includes teaching others what they can do in order to help and better serve DACA communities at their institutions. 

Cesar immigrated from Durango, Mexico to Texas at the age of 8 years old and went most of his life being undocumented until 2012 when he received Advanced Parole under the Deferred Action or DACA. Mr. Quezada talks about his unique journey and struggles crossing the border with this 6-year-old sister and mother. Coming to a new country where he had to adapt to a new culture, language, environment in order to survive in the United States. 

During his first years in the country Cesar was the victim of countless bullying incidents which led him to a path where at a very young age had to begin battling the struggles of depression and anxiety developed by the trauma he suffered. Growing up did not help much with this issue, because after his father’s death and other personal life events depression became more prevalent for him. Up to this day Cesar continues to battle these demons but with the support of his mentors, family, and counselor has a better grasp on what he needs to do in order to keep his mental health stable. 

Becoming a First-Generation Graduate and professional is one of Cesar’s greatest achievements in which has led him to share his powerful narrative in order top help and aid the students he has served at the different Higher Education institutions that he has served. Ultimately his goal is to become the first Doctor in the family and set an example for future generations. 

Cesar now devotes his free time to trying to make an impact on student lives and preparing them to be able to overcome mental health battles and many other hardships that they might be struggling with.