Cuttino Rashawn Mobley



Target Audience: Educational Institutions, Nonprofit Organizations, Corporate Events, Sports Teams & Organizations.

Keynote Topics: Mental Illness, Critical Thinking as a parent, Emotional Intelligence, Importance of Leadership, Importance Of Being A Student-Athlete (Carrying Yourself With Respect, Honor And Dignity As A Young Man/Woman)

Services: Keynotes

Cuttino Rashawn Mobley is a retired American basketball player. He played for the National Basketball Association for a total of ten years. Also known as the “Cat”, Cuttino was born in the west side of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia was a place that showed him life’s complexities-the chaos of crime coexisting with the beauties of success. Cuttino was raised by a single Mother, but also had the richness of having 4 parents who helped shape him. Cuttino’s father struggle to read pushed him to be educated. Cuttino wasn’t the best reader or student, but he graduated with a double major in psychology and communications-majors. In 1998 he was drafted into the Houston Rockets. Cuttino went on to play 11 seasons in the NBA. In 1999, Cuttino Started the Philly Pride basketball program to keep inner city children off the streets. He also continues to advocate for giving kids a chance at life and pursuing their talents. Cuttino emphasizes the importance of education in everyday life and conversation. Cuttino does all of this because at his most fundamental level he is a teacher. “I was born with a talent, an awareness. This knowledge is not for me to hold. “It’s for me to give out.”