Target Audience: Educational Institutions, Nonprofit Organizations, Corporate Events, Influencers, Sports Teams & Organizations.

Keynote Topics: Motivation, Self Determination, Power of the Mindset, Mental Fitness, Leadership, Social Impact

Services: Keynotes,Workshops, Fitness Programs, Mentoring, and Corporate Development

In 2011, Drew Manning decided to gain weight, on purpose, to better understand his personal clients and went through the most humbling experience he could’ve imagined. Not only did h gain a lot of weight during the first experiment (75 lbs), which went viral and landed him on TV shows like Dr. Oz, GMA, The View, and many more, but he also gained some valuable insight into what it really takes to transform your body and mind. He realized everything he learned about transformation was totally wrong! Empathy, Self-Love, and a Healthy Mindset are now what Drew focuses on.

Drew is an inspiring, performance-boosting, motivational keynote speaker. His lived experiences have made him a highly respected authority on how mindset affects almost every aspect of our lives. He breaks the barriers of your typical personal trainer with his empathetic approach to health and wellness. His message has reached millions of people worldwide as he is a frequent guest on top media outlets.

His message extends well beyond health and fitness and has empowered millions worldwide.

In his keynote, Drew highlights how to become more aware of our personal challenges; when it comes to bettering our health and how to overcome these mental and emotional issues. Drew provides concrete, actionable tools that your audience can leave with to live a healthier, more fulfilled life no matter what industry your company is in.

“Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Drew Manning