Eric Daddario
Eric Daddario


Target Audience: Educational & Nonprofit Institutions, Corporations, and Government Entities.

Keynote Topics: Motivation, Youth Empowerment, Leadership, Personal Growth, Diversity, Change, Youth Homelessness, Mentorship, and Professional Development

Services: Keynotes, Workshops, Student Leadership Programs, Conferences, Mentoring, and Staff Development

Eric is a former Division 1 hockey player at Clarkson University who now uses his voice to inspire youth, parents, and educators. 

Eric has traveled the nation and spoken to thousands of middle schools, high schools, college students, and student-athletes to make healthy life decisions when struggling with pain and adversity, such as anxiety and depression.

Eric started devoting his life to helping youth make healthy life decisions because he watched many friends around him make poor choices growing up, including using drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, one of these people was his brother, who eventually died of a drug overdose. Yet, Eric was determined to make good choices. 

Now, through his presentations, he helps youth make healthy life decisions so they, too, can enjoy greater success today and throughout their lives. Eric has been invited to speak on multiple podcasts and has started his own YouTube channel, which gives youth tips to make healthy decisions in life’s most challenging moments.

He was interviewed by a running congresswoman (Caroline Colarusso) to discuss the tragic story of his brother, how It affected his family, and the life mission he has set out to help the youth. 

Eric has partnered up with the Herren Project to connect with more students and expand his outreach. The Herren Project’s mission is to empower, inspire, and support the youth affected by substance misuse and promotes healthy lifestyle choices to help prevent substance misuse. Coming from the heart and personal experience, Eric’s talks resonate with students and moves them to take action to live a much happier, healthier life.