IMPACTtruth Speaker and Talent Agency – Establishment

May 4, 2022

Students with Roy 2

It had been a long evening, and I had been working hours. Starring at the laptop screen, getting ready to call it a night, when a message popped up on Facebook. The message was from a young man whose name I failed to recognize.

I had been speaking for a few months on my Homeless by Choice tour, sharing my turbulent story of growing up as a homeless teen due to domestic violence at schools, shelters, and organizations. After a presentation, it wasn’t uncommon for students or educators to send me a friend request on social media. I decided to just add everyone.

In the message, the young man said, “I’d like to thank you, Sir.”

Tired, I quickly replied, “You’re welcome, Mijo.” then closed the chatbox. I was about to shut down my laptop when he sent another message.

“You don’t even know why I am thanking you, Sir.”

A little taken back, I felt terrible because I never wanted to make a kid feel unseen or heard, so I replied, “You’re right, Mijo. I am sorry. What are you thanking me for?”

“You came to my school and told us your story. When you were done, you went to speak at my mother’s school. She is a teacher here in Minnesota. After you presented at her school, she came and found me. Sir, I haven’t seen my mother since I was 2 years old; I am eighteen now. I am starting a relationship with my mother because of you. That is why I am thank you.  

I was flabbergasted. Never would I have guessed that my words and story could impact someone’s life.

I have been a professional speaker for over 17 years, and it has been one of the most rewarding and challenging things I have ever done.  

Initially, I never set out to be a speaker, it was something I fell into, but I believe it is what I was meant to do with my life. I say jokingly, my raising prepared me for my mission. I still live out of a bag; I just get to stay in hotels now. 

IMPACTtruth grew out of my desire to inspire as many students as possible. I wanted to help them not give up on life and their dreams and understand the power of education. After circling the nation and seeing the needs of our youth, I knew it wasn’t enough for me to go from school to school. I was one person and wasn’t reaching and helping enough people.

With a desire to help reach more, my team and I decided to expand the company to IMPACTtruth Speaker and Talent Agency. We had developed strong relationships with schools, organizations, and corporations throughout the nation and knew we could open doors for others to get their message and talents out to society.

However, we chose to be exclusive to the speakers and talent we represented. We wanted to only represent individuals who cared about others and desired to make an IMPACT.

Our two main core values are literally written into our name, IMPACTtruth. As we continue to grow as a company, we look forward to reaching new areas of the country and abroad.

Thank you for reading about IMPACTtruth and being a part of our journey.