Jonathan Darling
Johnathan Darling


Target Audience: Educational & Nonprofit Institutions, Corporations, and Government Entities.

Keynote Topics: Motivation, Leadership, Personal Growth, and Professional Development

Services: Keynotes, Workshops, and Staff Development

Jonathan Darling has led national and global teams helping them develop new market channels and set strategies for organizations across the nation. 

He has created a diverse skill set and background over the last 14 years that allows him to Inspire & Engage leaders of every age, position, and profession to make a Massive Impact on their teams, companies, and communities.

From leading national and global teams, developing new market channels, and setting strategies for organizations,

Jonathan is seen as a pioneer in his approach to leadership, working as a speaker/coach with organizations, universities, and teams on the power of Love-Centered Leadership, which empowers individuals to lead, not from position or title, but from the heart, positively impacting the lives of those around them. 

Jonathan has been featured on podcasts and international radio as an expert in Love-Centered Leadership. He has written publications featured in national & global magazines. In 2021 he was a contributing author to the Amazon Best Selling Book “Living Kindly” and developed the “Wider Deeper Business Development Strategy” eBook and Sales Training Program.