Karol Posada
Karol Posada


Target Audience: National Conferences, Concerts, Musical Venues, Amusement Parks, Sports Events, Festivals, Cruises, High Schools, and Colleges. 

Talent Services: Selena Tribute Band, Keynotes

Karol Posadas is much more than a successful artist. Her story began with humble beginnings in a small town in Guatemala. At the tender age of 2, Karol’s parents left her in the care of her great grandmother as they migrated to the United States. While her great grandmother provided the necessities, she was from a time and thought process, “You don’t need affection; I’ve provided you shelter.” Never once did Karol receive an embrace. 

Karol desperately wanted to reunite with her mother and father as a young girl, but her grandmother wouldn’t hear of it. At the age of 15, Karol’s grandmother became very ill, and immediately after her passing, Karol set out on a 2100-mile journey to find her parents. 

With no money, not fluent in the language, and only a backpack, she trusted the guidance of the people she met. While in Monterey, Mexico, she was kidnapped by a group of men who held her for ransom. Karol was able to escape her captors with one other girl. She ran and never looked back. 

Once she crossed over, she was reunited with her mother and father. Sadly, the reunion was not what she had expected. Karol enrolled in a charter school, and it quickly became her safe haven. She got involved in many extracurricular activities to keep her from going home, which was fractured due to domestic violence.

To make ends meet, Karol took a job as a waitress. There she met a friend who was a lead singer in a band. When Karol saw that singing could be lucrative, she inquired about leading karaoke in the restaurant. 

During one of the Karaoke nights, a customer mentioned that Karol resembled the late Tejano artist Selena Quintanilla and asked her to sing. Word began to spread, and every weekend more and more people showed up at the restaurant to hear Karol sing. Shortly after, a Selena tribute band hired Karol as their lead singer.  

Karol’s following grew even more, and so did her love for music. Since then, Karol has started her own Tribute band, Anything for Latinas, but is also known for her own music. In April 2020, she began promoting her single “Dime.” Karol has been able to work with top artists. She has performed with them and written songs for them that millions have enjoyed around the globe. 

Karol’s motto is, “Life is hard, but you have to love harder, laugh harder, and never stop singing.”