Michael Bryce 


Target Audience: Educational & Nonprofit organizations, Sports Teams, Organizations, Corporations and Small Businesses

Keynote Topics: Motivation, Youth Empowerment, Leadership, Personal Development, Mentorship, Communication & Culture, Mindset & Sports Performance, Bullying & Identity, Comedy Stage Hypnosis & Relationship Skills.

Services: Keynotes, Workshops, Sports Leadership Programs Players & Coaches, Conferences, Mentoring, Hypnosis & NLP For Change.

Michael Bryce is a world-renowned speaker, hypnotist, youth advocate, and executive coach whose work has impacted the lives of tens of thousands.

Michael’s passion for helping others stems from his upbringing. As a teenager, he fell victim to excessive bullying, which made him very ill, and he transferred schools.

After high school, Michael’s kind demeanor led him into a similar situation. Today he is a survivor of intimate partner violence. An issue rarely discussed but affects 1 in 9 men nationally.

Michael set off on a goal to grow stronger mentally, physically, and spiritually. After years of self-reflection, education, and working with life coaches, he reemerged not only a survivor but a role model.

He uses his life experiences, wisdom, and personal humor to inspire and empower his audiences. He said, “I’ve dedicated my life to helping others become the best version of themselves by teaching them the hard lessons I’ve learned.”