Ovi Vasquez


Target Audience: Educational: Educators, Youth, Parents

Keynote Topics: Relational Capacity, Brilliance in Resilience, Scintillating Self-Leadership, Education is Key to Success

Services: Keynote, Workshops, Online Learning, Staff Development

Ovidilio David Vasquez went from being a farm boy raised in a poor village in the sugarcane fields of Central America to being accepted to Harvard Business School Online. 

Ovi has author six books, including a #1 Best-seller. He is a TEDx speaker on Self-Leadership and has been a recurrent On-air collaborator for Univision. 

Ovi has worked for global corporations like Apple, Tesla, Salesforce, Uber, and General Motors. With a Bachelor’s in Business Management, he is a role model for first-generation college students. He educates and connects with students by sharing his story and insights on how they can succeed in school. Through social media, Ovi has helped thousands of students nationwide by sharing over a Million Dollars in scholarships for minority students. 

When speaking to educators, Ovi shares his insights on how they can leverage relational capacity to engage and connect with their students. 

Today, he emerges as one of the most sought-after bilingual youth leadership speakers of our time, speaking nationally. When needed, Ovi implements translanguaging in real-time for audiences to truly grasp his message. 

Ovi is so passionate about his mission that he tailors every keynote to serve the needs of his audience.