Susie Reynolds Reece
Susie Reynolds Reece


Target Audience: Educational, First Responding, Military, Nonprofit Institutions, Community Level Groups, Corporations, and Government Entities. 

Keynote Topics: Suicidology (Prevention, Intervention, Postvention), Wellbeing, Self-Care, Resilience, Grief, Inclusivity, Peer Support, Lived Experience, and Interpersonal Communication. 

Services: Keynotes, Workshops, Organizational Development Programming, Conferences, Wellness Programs, Peer Programs, Safe Storytelling, and Coaching

Reece is best known for facilitating and implementing engaging training that expands team member capabilities and promotes community improvement. 

She has and continues to work with government, civilian (including various special and high-risk populations), and corporate stakeholders across all country sectors to drive community and organizational program development, develop health-related resources, and promote education across fields. 

Reece is an accomplished leader with an accelerated learning curve and a proven track record of effectively accomplishing various endeavors. She has coordinated numerous state-level training and countless community-level efforts toward developing, implementing, and sustaining effective changes. 

She has worked alongside hundreds of nonprofits, community organizations, and local to federal level government agencies. Reece has dedicated thousands of hours of her personal time and resources to volunteerism and community service to ensure her efforts are successful and meaningful. 

Reece is an established public speaker, author, and training program developer beyond her systemic development skills. Her expertise is in suicidology. Preventing alcohol and substance use, crisis prevention, and intervention. 

She is a natural in networking, communications, and policy implementation. Reece is often entrusted with a confidential agency or organizational information due to her exceptional support, confidentiality, and ability to resolve critical operational issues while building long-lasting and trusted relationships.