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Melvin Adams
Melvin Adams has been an NCAA All-American basketball player, professional basketball competitor and member of the world-famous Harlem Globetrotter.
Cuttino Rashawn Mobley
Cuttino “Cat” Mobley “FATHER, FORMER NBA PLAYER, BUSINESSMAN, & MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER” “Cuttino’s vision is to motivate, inspire and plant seeds of inspiration to communities around the globe. With emphasis on creating healthy family environments. As a leader who has demonstrated perseverance since a child, Cuttino has mastered the importance of humility, focus and execution on his journey. Thus, giving him the wisdom to make a difference in the lives of youth and adults alike”
Kevon Lee
Kevon Lee has lived a life that many could never comprehend. At the tender age of 5, he was placed in the foster care system after being shot during a drug-related incident. Kevon lectures across the nation to inspire and empower others to not give up, understand the power of their voice, and “Go Make a Difference.”
Susie Reynolds Reece
Susie Reynolds Reece
Reece is best known for facilitating and implementing engaging training that expands team member capabilities and promotes community improvement. Reece is an established public speaker, author, and training program developer beyond her systemic development skills. Her expertise is in suicidology. Preventing alcohol and substance use, crisis prevention, and intervention.